Hansonland is emerging as indonesia’s major property developer, with a landbank in excess of 3,000 hectares in very strategic locations in greater jakarta. Hansonland is dedicated to “Building Cities for Life” and to deliver high quality properties to its customers.

Hanson establishing in the Property Sector

Hanson International Tbk., holding company along with its subsidiaries has made steady progress in the development of land banks into residential and commercial areas. Hanson has signed strategic Joint Venture agreements with Ciputra Group, a reputed and established company to develop close to 500 hectares of land in Maja Raya, Greater Jakarta. Hanson has also secured Joint Venture agreements with a consortium of prominent developers in Indonesia to develop 850 Hectares of land in Serpong. This would become City of Future with all modern amenities

PT. Hanson International Tbk and its Subsidiaries

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Notice and Invitation to Shareholders on July 28, 2016

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